Goodbye 2016 and Good Riddance


1232016 is a year I need to forget both publicly and personally. The stories behind the images are not only heart wrenching but also gut-wrenching. One of the most dreadful points of 2016 was all the screaming, at rallies, in debates, during interviews, at reporters, and the mounds of people below the podiums. Growing up I use to scream just to be heard, and that never worked.  I learned that neither screaming nor being heard is necessary. Understanding and feeling are much more necessary. These are my understandings and feelings of why 2016 was a total nightmare:

  • Scornful at the interminable screaming during the presidential campaign
  • Aggravated at how the world allows wars to continue unchecked (e.g. Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, gangs, cartels, and on and on)1235
  • Fearful about what was being said and if it materialized
  • Rage at the pain being caused by these words that led to violent actions against people of color, religious beliefs, and lifestyles
  • Painfulness at the constant attack on all aspects of humanity
  • Exhausted from moving twice in three months
  • Bitter that the change I see and hear moves my country backward, to the Civil War and all that followed
  • Angry that my beliefs of acceptance of differences are being discarded; tolerance was never enough for me and now intolerance seems to be the acceptable norm
  • images-20
  • Disillusioned that my feminist efforts failed young women of today
  • Disgusted that women have once again become demoralized and lowered into an abyss:
    • No Equal Pay for Equal Work
    • No Childcare benefits
    • No paid time off for new mothers (and fathers)
    • No increase in the minimum wage
    • No fair housing market
  • Insulted by too many magazines and fashions that capitalize on our sexuality over our worthiness2016-03-17-1458238271-9155938-1232-thumb
  • Outraged at the on-going conversation that mortified and demoralized women
  • Repulsed by the blatant racism demonstrated by the right-wing supremacists and the Republican party, who never rebuked it23939244919_6af5849313_z







  • Exasperated with the press and journalist who opted for sensationalism over truth
  • Infuriated with how my country will now be portrayed globally

Image result for European political cartoons about America

  • Crushed when my daughter’s beloved dog River died.
  • Shamed that the core values and fundamental beliefs that we hold dear, as mentioned in our Constitution, are now becoming ignored and obsolete:
    • THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: without infringing on the rights of other, e.g. unjustified shootings of unarmed African Americans
    • COMMON GOOD: individual citizens have the commitment and motivation to work together with other members for the greater benefit of all. (Someone needs to share this with our Republican Congress)Image result for INJUSTICE ON DISPLAY IN AMERICA
    • JUSTICE: People should be treated fairly in the distribution of the benefits and
      burdens of society, the correction of wrongs and injuries, and in the gathering of information and making of decisions. (Hmmm, that’s not happening)
    • EQUALITY: All citizens have political equality, legal equality, social equality, and economic equality, extreme economic inequality tends to undermine all other forms of equality and should, therefore, be avoided. (Wow, tell that to the oligarchs and Republican party who have killed the Middle Class and increased the wealthy class and the number of people living in poverty, like me)
    • DIVERSITY: Variety in culture and ethnic background, race, lifestyle, and belief is noimages-18t only permissible but desirable and beneficial in a pluralist society. (Why would anyone ignore the value of this idea, racism does not make any intellectual or common sense)
    • TRUTH: Citizens can legitimately demand the truth (We need to demand more truth and less bloviating from all our politicians)
    • PATRIOTISM: Virtuous citizens display a devotion to their country, including devotion to the fundamental values upon which it depends. (This is not happening with the increase in supremacist movements and the decrease in allowing the injustice of it all)
    • RULE OF LAW: Both government and the governed should be subject to the law. (That includes you- politicians)
    • REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT: The republican form of government established under the Constitution is one in which citizens elect others to represent their interests. (Well that didn’t happen, the person we elected is not representing us)Image result for political cartoons about the popular vote
    • INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: It is the purpose of government to protect our individual rights that are outlined in the Bill of Rights.
    • FREEDOM OF RELIGION: There shall be full freedom of conscience for people of all faiths or none. (The burning of synagogues, mosques, churches and  the deaths that take place in these religious and time-honored institutions explains why this value is not being honored by “Americans”) Image result for burning a mosque in America
    • CIVILIAN CONTROL OF THE MILITARY: Civilian authority should control the military to preserve constitutional government. (Exactly how many military men will be among the new cabinet? Can you say, “Military Coup?”)
Source: CIVITAS: A Framework for Civic Education, a collaborative project of the Center for Civic Education and the Council for the Advancement of Citizenship, National Council for the Social Studies Bulletin No. 86, 1991. You can obtain a copy of “Civitas” by calling 1-800-350-4223


Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation




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