What did I do today? Contacted the only Republican in my district, Junior Republican Senator Corey Gardner to express my concern on repealing Obamacare. I also contacted him over a week ago and asked him not to confirm Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. I have yet to hear from him. There is nothing more frustrating for a constituent than not hearing from his or her representatives.

Sen. Corey Gardner

Paul Ryan Speaker of the House/Rep. Wisconsin

Last year during the Zika virus debate I wrote to the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan to plead with him to pass the 1.9-million-dollar research packet to fight the Zika Virus and I wanted to know why there was even a delay. What did I get back? A lengthy email explaining his personal ideas and views on health care. Ever since then I have received zikapropaganda emails from Paul Ryan. The first time I received one of these emails I searched for the “unsubscribe” button, which doesn’t exist anywhere on his emails. I went to his website, Facebook page, called him and requested to be taken off his emails. None of this has happened. To not give his readers an unsubscribe button is forcing his agenda and false sense superiority.


By letting my readers know that these two Republicans have ignored me, is also letting them know how important it is to organize.  We must be heard! I have requested a group of people to join my organization, Millennials and Baby Boomers, through #standindivisible. Here is their plan on how you can organize and with their help we can replace this Republican Congress with progressives in 2018!

Image result for indivisible guide



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