Are You Ready to March for Progressive Change?


January 21, 2017, or. . .


Women’s March on Denver

9 am – 3 pm

Denver’s Civic Center Park –Marching in Solidarity for Human Rights…Sponsored by Women, For Everyone! 

On Saturday people will blanket the Washington Mall, downtown Denver, and many other venues throughout the U.S. to demonstrate our commitment and unity to protect the human rights of all Americans from the fierce agenda put forth by the incoming administration.

Women and People of Color have the most to lose with this administration and we must stand strong and be heard throughout its -hopefully- short lived reign. Our message will be broadcast around the world for all to witness our long-standing commitment. We must be heard. I hope everyone has made plans to join a march.


For those of us in Colorado there will be speakers and music that embody our commitment. I encourage everyone to join us for this crucial moment in modern history. We must not let our voices be silenced.


I’ll be there with my sign and my friends to show our support. Please stop by and introduce yourself and if possible sign up to form a committee that will act against legislation that creates a discord in our human rights objectives.

These objectives are detailed in the Women’s March on Denver’s Mission Statement:

On January 21, 2017 we will stand together to tell the nation and the administration-elect that:

1) All women shall maintain the freedom and lawful protection to choose what is best for them as it concerns their biological and reproductive health.

2) The Diverse and vibrant communities of the United States of America shall be protected from political factions that would seek to inhibit their expression and existence by implementing legal restrictions on personal freedoms. These diverse and vibrant

Congressman John Lewis peacefully marching for our rights then being violently beaten for his beliefs

john-lewiscommunities are the fabric of our great country and shall not be torn by hateful, divisive, and racist rhetoric or actions.




3) All people, regardless of gender, gender identification, ethnicity, racial heritage, religion, disaImage result for Muslim womenbility, age, sexual orientation and/or socioeconomic status shall be treated equally and equitably, with respect, dignity and justice for all.




Image result for american children living in poverty

1) Advocate for and defend the most marginalized members of our society.

2) Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations within local Colorado communities.

3) Serve as a model of peaceful demonstration for the young women and men, and girls and boys, who will be the leaders of tomorrow.Related image

4) Honor the women and men who have come before us and fought for human and women’s rights.1c1bffe58089d78b1ff8ae870cdb5ef3


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