I’ve been crying, traumatized, ill, depressed, and once I even vomited at the current state of our nation. Now, aren’t you so so happy to hear from me?

NO! I imagine not. In order to subdue my current state of shock I turned to designing memes. I find that they ease the torture my current government is inflicting on all Americans. At least temporarily. The main compensation I get from creating memes is the relief I feel from the hateful rhetoric being broadcast from the White House and Congress. And oh what a relief it is: Enjoy!


When you realize you’re too stupid for any proper universities!


download (19)


download (1)


Later. . .He’s in the far right panel trying to run away, but he will never escape the hell he created on earth!

Who Cares


This isn’t mine but it is truly relevant here.

This man


Now, only focus on the middle finger! This is a medicaid repeal, not an Obama care repeal! As Always I want poor people to suffer. 
“Your premiums will go down, down, down I say!” “However, your deductibles will go up to $7500/year, your office visits will be $50.00/ visit.” “Wait, What?Don’t tell them that you idiot, that’s why we didn’t let anyone in while we designed this bill!


If you made it this far-first, thank you for hanging in there with me. Also, let me know which one is your favorite. More Anon!


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