ct-millennials-socialism-bernie-sanders-jobs-20160325This man has all the right ideas. Look closely at all those beautiful young faces, look again and again. These faces belong to Millennials and the diversity of these faces is what makes this photo pop. It is a true representation of what the U.S.A. population epitomizes. More importantly, these are the faces of our future, and they want what they want. I just hope they fight as hard as Baby Boomers to achieve their goals.

Yep, that’s us fighting for exactly what we believed was right and standing strong for those beliefs day after day and year after year. This blog is about the coming together of two generations who share more commonavietnamprotestorslities than differences and the power that they have together to make real change in our government, society,¬†corporations, and institutions. Numbers are always stronger when they work together and I hope to prove that our differences will only enhance our efforts to move forward, together, using all our available sources. Together we can draw attention to what we see as the best path forward for our country¬†in this new millennium that still has a chance of evolving and not digressing.



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